Spectrum Bullpen, LLC recently delivered their portion of a National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) project managed by Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Rome NY.  The video describes in detail the overall goal of this project where ANDRO Computational Solutions (ANDRO) and Spectrum Bullpen created a digital policy system for Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) radios.  This technology is able to be overlaid to new and existing military radios in such a way it will not require recertification.  The approach allows for the Automated DSA Planning Tool (ADPT) to bring in various spectrum data from other DoD spectrum tools in order to automatically build machine readable policies which are remotely delivered to the radios in the field via the ANDRO Policy Deployment Tool (PDT).  Our team’s approach provides not only autonomous frequency selections to the radios, but allows us to create mission based policies which can allow the currently deployed radios to do other missions such as: Electronic Warfare (EW), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), automated radio checks, health and status, automated lost communications restoration, and many other mission based tasks.  The DSA policy program was a 3 year effort and was successfully demonstrated in a field environment October 2020.  This technology is a TRL 6/TRL 7 maturity.  Dr. Jonathan Ashdown at AFRL Rome, NY was the government Program Manager.